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Nedzib Bukalo

Nedzib BukaloNedzib Bukalo is an Information Technology (IT) System Analyst and Head of Innovation at DPA Systems a software development company based in Sarajevo and acting mainly in Western Europe. Mr. Bukalo started his career, in parallel with his studies, as a technical assistant at a local IT company in Sarajevo. Through his professional engagement in 2007 Mr. Bukalo started an international entrepreneurial undertaking which led to the formation of DDC Central Europe a joint venture with a UK/Dutch company DDC Group. DDC Central Europe grew to be an  international Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) specialist company where Mr. Bukalo served as the Director for four years. In 2011 he moved to DPA Systems, chasing new challenges as an expert for BPO solutions and data processing and archiving. Besides IT, Mr. Bukalo’s biography also includes various activities in the NGO sector. Mr. Bukalo holds a B.S. in Computing and Information Science from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering - University of Sarajevo.


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