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New York - Srebrenica commemoration concert, 2003

"...The way I feel, never in Sarajevo, until last night, was there performed a more serious and emotional concert than this one. With antique pathos and simple human warmness, New York and Sarajevo musicians played extremely passionately for this human tragedy.

The world premiere of Jusic's "Srebrenica Inferno" left the audience breathless. Jusic managed to connect in his music the dramatic and the epic dimensions with love and tenderness. The Sarajevo Philharmonic and New York musicians were fantastic.

The Choir of the Sarajevo Opera has never had a better performance. They were brilliant. Soprano Sanela Redzepagic poured into her performance some strange power and the voice of the boy Amer Dubravic, while he was singing 'Mother Bosnia' has been sealed in our memory. Vesna Andree - Zaimovic played here the solo part on the sax with such tenderness that even now when I am writing this, that sound is moving in me the ocean of sadness..."

Haris Pasovic, Start Magazine

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