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Dejan Radmilović

Dejan Radmilović has been actively involved in the non-government sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina for several years, serving as a Secretary and Project manager for several associations, such as the Federation for support of economic and social development "Horizon 2024", whose goals were the promotion of economic and social development of B&H as well as the region. During his work and research, he noted several key issues currently present in B&H and has organized events and conferences dealing with those issues and possible ways to solve them in a positive and effective way, such as round tables regarding the problem of depopulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina done in 2015, conference regarding the Socioeconomic position of B&H done in 2014 and also was the lead organizer of the International conference for investments and economic development in B&H and the region, held in Sarajevo in December of 2015. He also worked on projects regarding the concept of Safe community as a necessary prerequisite to stability and development.  He is currently working on multiple projects and research activities.

He received his Bachelors degree in Law from the Faculty of Law , University of Sarajevo and is currently  working on his Masters degree in Civil Law. He also attended educations for software development and is a fluent English speaker. Dejan lives and works in Sarajevo.

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